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Heather Nowlin

Heather is a Salt Lake City writer who has been passionate about literature, theatre, and film her entire life. She loves to write about all three as often as possible, and to dig deep into the text, the subtext, and the many ways great literature can enrich our lives. A theatre and communications professional by trade, Heather has experience in directing, dramaturgy, development of new works, and marketing the arts in addition to a career as a corporate internal communications specialist. She also shares her experiences with others on and hopes what she shares about living in a family with mental illness, about aging parents and their dementia, about personal finance and about mental health in general will help others, too.

Lynn Shelton, an incredibly distinct and beautiful voice in independent film, passed away unexpectedly on May 16, 2020 of an undiagnosed blood disorder. She left behind an important legacy for the art of independent film, and was an inspiration...
One of the most successful indie film stories in modern history involves a little bit of luck, the world-famous Sundance Film Festival, and Dostoevsky’s seminal work The Brothers Karamazov. The 1995 film The Brothers McMullen, written by, directed by,...