Author Description

Mark Salcido

Schooled in the art of cinema, Mark decided to take his knowledge of film and apply it to his first passion, writing. A lover of music, comics, books, a good bourbon and everything between, sometimes he wonders why even bothers with humans at all. His nickname is C.H.U.D.

Dead ends

Dead end 500
Dead ends. I’ve come across so many during my investigation into the disappearance of Robert Hurley that every time I think of his name I see a sign with the words “DEAD END” written in bold. There have been...
crowds 500
A few things have happened since I posted on the site.  It bothered me a great deal that I may have been the cause for Jord’s departure from the investigation. There were many attempts to contact Jord in hopes...
Jord (left photo) and Mark
Hello, my name is Mark Salcido and I was brought onto VM Production as a writer. My first duty was to assist VM Productions in working with a Youtuber named Jord. Here’s how the relations with Jord started. He...