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The fascinating, behind-the-scenes struggle to create the award-winning
Notes from the New World

From The Heart Productions

VM Productions is pleased to announce that our upcoming film, Dostoevsky Reimagined: The Making Of Notes From the New World, has been accepted for fiscal sponsorship by the prestigious From the Heart Productions. For your letters and grants, From The Heart Productions' - IRS number: 95 444 5418.

The folks at From The Heart have been successfully funding quality films since the organization's inception in 1993 as a 501(c)(3) organization. From the Heart Productions is classified as a public charity under section 509(9a)(2) of the Internal Revenue Code. As such, all monetary donations to their fiscal sponsorship program qualify as charitable contributions under U.S. tax law.

From The Heart Production's President

As the fiscal sponsor, From the Heart Productions will be monitoring the progress of the completion of Dostoyevsky Reimagined: The Making Of Notes From the New World. We will contribute advice and feedback where needed on fundraising initiatives, rough cut, festivals, sales and outreach strategies.

Please make your checks or PayPal transfers to From The Heart Productions.

If you have any other questions please contact me personally


Carole Dean
President, From The Heart Productions
caroleedean[at]att[dot]net carol.dean

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