TRIVIA FRIDAY: 5 Questions that will Prove you’re a Film Noir Guru

How much of a film noir fan are you?

Are you the occasional viewer, who has seen classics like Touch of Evil and The Third Man, and can spot a few leading antiheroes and heroines of the time? Are you the film buff whose unconditional, all-encompassing love for the art has at times ventured toward the moody domains of film noir? Or are you so unabashedly and madly in love with the genre that you’ve built an encyclopedic knowledge about it, well-versed in details and tidbits that would make a Wikipedia editor proud?

Then take this as a challenge of your skills, a fun one. And try to get them all right, as there will be a reward for you. Come check out our questions for this week!


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Thank you for participating!


In three weeks, we’ll feature a Trivia Friday exclusively made of your trivia questions. Send us trivia suggestions (a question and four answers with the right one highlighted). We will publish the best five, and all of our entrants will receive a copy of OUR METHOD OF PRODUCING via email.

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Vanes Naldi

Spent over a decade discussing the merits (and lack thereof!) of Korean cinema and television on several websites and publications. Translator, digital marketer and social media strategist by day, roamer of the moody chiaroscuro worlds of film noir by night.

A shot from the 1947 film noir Odd Man Out

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