I’m Done Worrying, Darling


This year, I had the pleasure to attend the 79th Venice International Film Festival (LA BIENNALE DI VENEZIA – 79). The festival was back in full swing with packed theaters, a star-filled red carpet, and… DRAMA! And if you are a movie-fan, or a gossip-fan, or a Harry Styles’ fan, you know that I am referring to the Don’t Worry Darling worldwide premiere and its many twists.  

Don’t Worry Darling 2022

What happened?

First, the film’s star, Florence Pugh was spotted in Venice earlier in the day when it had been said she wouldn’t attend the press conference because of schedule conflicts, and secondly, one doesn’t have to be a private investigator to know that the dynamic of the cast on the red carpet was awkward. Director, actor, and producer Olivia Wilde, looking magnificent in a bright yellow Gucci dress, stood a bit separate from the rest of the cast, including her beau Harry Styles, while Florence Pugh, Nick Kroll, and Chris Pine seemed like old friends who genuinely enjoyed each other’s company. 

Why does this matter?

There has been such dramatic anticipation for DWD that once the film was shown to the public for the first time, it left us wanting more. In fact, even though DWD had plenty of drama, fantastic cinematography, and brilliant direction, it missed the emotional rawness and honesty that might have been revealed through a “behind-the-scenes” look. 

This is exactly what Award-Winning director, Vitaly Sumin aims to do with his latest work, An LA Story: The Making of the award-winning Notes from a New World (currently in post-production by VMP Films).

An LA Story: The Making of the Award-Winning Notes from the New World 2022

An LA Story aims at shining a light on the drama-filled set of Indy film, Notes from a New World, which also had its share of betrayal, jealousy, and even actors caught up in an ancient cult. However, in this case, director Sumin courageously opens the doors to let us in and see the truth for ourselves.   

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Laura Kenner

Growing up in Italy, Laura Kenner nurtured her passion for storytelling at a young age through writing, reading books, and watching film. Her mission is to tell stories that help learn about the human psyche. Laura has a certificate degree in Film Writing from UCLA.

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