Famous Femmes Fatales

The femme fatale is a famous archetype in film noir. She is dark and seductive, and ultimately helps entangle the plot.

Inspired by yesterday’s Dostoyevksy & Women, this week’s trivia is all about the femmes fatales.

trouble woman

by dadadreams (etsy)

Welcome to your Femmes Fatales Trivia!

This actress played the formerly-famous femme fatalle; a former movie star who no longer walked the streets of the Boulevard:

A.Rita Hayworth

B. Norma Desmond

C. Jane Greer
Which actress played the unemotional FF in Double Indemnity (1944)?

A. Barbara Stanwyck

B. Marie Windsor

C. Gloria Grahame
In Laura, this actress plays the woman who can’t quite measure up to the male characters’ fantasies:

A. Lynn Baggett

B. Gaby Rodgers

C. Gene Tierney
In The Strange Love of Martha Ivers (1946), audiences get to see into a femme fatalle’s past. Which actress plays the title character?

A. Barbara Stanwyck

B. Martha Vickers

C. Lauren Bacall




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