Audience and distribution

The fascinating, behind-the-scenes struggle to create the award-winning
Notes from the New World

Notes from the New World
Notes from the New World

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Notes From the New World

Dostoyevsky Reimagined: The Making of Notes from the New World stands as a compelling story in its own right, sure to inspire filmmakers and anyone else who wishes to achieve the impossible.

A Success Story

We're dealing here with a success story, and such a narrative - whether it relates to sports, science, car repair, a request for a raise in salary, an application for a grant, or any other field of human endeavor that could benefit from encouragement - holds a timeless appeal. It confirms the validity of the great principle, "Never Give Up!" In that regard, we daresay that this documentary will encourage viewers to go that extra mile and work hard in the field they love, following the principles they believe in so "the universe will conspire with them" and their dreams can be realized. That’s our fervent hope in presenting this film.

The movie's main character is a film director, a loner who, despite being deprived of money and connections, defies the odds and throws himself against barricades and locked doors to achieve his goal. Such a struggle corresponds to the structure and the ideals of the American dream. The film, therefore, will appeal not only to a niche audience consisting of cinephiles, filmmakers, college students, and connoisseurs of art and literature, but to a broader array of target groups drawn to the movie's essential theme - the adventure of bringing a vision to fruition.

With a cast consisting of attractive young performers, seasoned professionals, and an assortment of quirky and colorful characters, Dostoevsky Reimagined - and the BlairWitch-like, The Missing Screenwriter as a parallel narrative (visit iMBD) - will touch men and women, age 16 to 30, which includes teenagers, twenty-somethings, young adults, and college students. One underserved audience, which would overlap and extend beyond the above-mentioned groups, consists of anyone wishing to view a contemporary film steeped in the depth and nuance of literature and classical cinema.

Potential audience members and supporters can be reached through social networking sites and other digital media. Specialized niches such as Russian immigrants, students, and Dostoyevsky afficionados can be targeted through special interest blogs and email blasts. Word can also be spread through speaking engagements and interviews, which have been used to garner interest in our three feature films to date.

Distribution in the New World

As far as "traditional" distribution is concerned, we believe that major festivals are key, especially in light of the film’s low budget. Consequently, we have already contacted several reputable sales agents with whom we’ve established relations; after watching the trailer and the rough cut, they’ve expressed interest in representing the movie – with a view toward all the relevant platforms. We also intend to hire a reputable, well-connected Producer of Marketing and Distribution (a new title for Producer's Representative) to spearhead a multi-pronged marketing strategy involving festivals, PR, and social media to tease/generate interest in the movie on the part of both audiences and distributors.

Besides movie theaters and film festivals, this project can be presented in a variety of targeted venues. These would include theaters and art spaces – both, in fact, would resonate with the Dostoyevsky-inspired theme of the documentary and the film being documented.

One particularly exciting prospect involves colleges and universities. Our film, Shades of Day, the first installment of our ambitious LA-Dostoyevsky Project was included in the cinema studies curriculum of Rutgers University.