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Notes from the New World

Director - Notes From the New World

Vitaly Sumin Writer/Producer/Director

After receiving an M.S. degree in Oceanography, Vitaly Sumin produced ocean-related documentaries (Jacques Cousteau style) which eventually led him to abandon his scientific career to get a B.A. degree in film directing. He subsequently worked as a co-writer and producer on numerous productions. Sumin's award winning short film "From Womb To Tomb", which he wrote, directed edited, and produced, made a world tour of important festivals. Sumin received a US patent #4,784,394 for his invention "The World Belongs To You!" - an interactive tourist game (including video, reality TV and other versions).

Sumin further studied at The Sorbonne in Paris under a study grant. His script "Idiot", a contemporary international thriller based on Dostoevsky's novel, received a development grant from The Warner Bros Fund. A number of other Sumin's scripts are circulating in the United States and Europe.


    2006: Shades of Day, -  the initial offering of VM Productions' the ambitious Dostoevsky-LA Project. This film was selected by the Rutgers University�s professor Gerald Pirog for his course in cinema along with classic works by Bertolucci, Kurosawa, Bresson, Scorsese, Shrader, Von Sternberg... (click for more info)

    2010-2011: Notes From The New World -  the second installment of the Dostoevsky-LA Project.  (click for more info)

    2012: The Missing Screenwriter - 19 episodes (click for more info)

    2013:  Shades of Day - Director's Cut 2013

    2014-2017 two feature films in post-production--

    - Dostoyevsky Reimagined: The Making of Notes From The New World  --tied with 

    - The Missing Screenwriter - 

     (click for more info)

  • 2017-2018: VM Productions is currently developing a package of four feature-length films, with Sumin slated to direct: Idiot-LA, Shades of Blood, Crime and Punishment-LA and Nancy's Game (click here for more info)

    Vitaly Sumin resides in Los Angeles.


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    Vitaly Sumin




Editor - Notes From the New World

Koray Ozaka Editor

Was graduated with honors (BFA in Film) by Columbia College in 2008 with an emphasis on Post-Production/Production. He then was contracted by Forever Love Records, Jamie Kennedy Entertainment, and Sony DACD. In 2008-2012 Koray worked as editor, sound designer, composer, and color corrector on a numerous assignments.

Technical Advisor & Post Production Supervisor - Notes From the New World

Taesung Yim Technical Advisor & Post-Production Supervisor

We at VM Productions wouldn’t be where we are now – with regard to the production values of our work and all the related, complicated technical matters (editing, transfers, sound, etc., as well as even the initial PR stuff) - without the constant 24/7 assistance of an ANGEL. He came to us at the start of pre-production of our feature film...

Technical Advisor & Post Production Supervisor - Notes From the New World

Dan Marcus Senior Artistic Advisor

Dan is a creative/marketing consultant and copywriter specializing in film and music. He’s been with VM Productions since Shades of Day (2006), the initial chapter of its Dostoyevsky-LA Project. Dan provided the invaluable consulting during the post-production of the current version of Shades of Day Director’s Cut-2013 and collaborated with Vitaly Sumin on writing the press kit and the texts for this website...

Casting Director - Notes From the New World

Richard Crater Casting Director

Has graduated from the California Institute of the Arts, where he studied Theatre Arts Performance and Management. He has twenty-seven years of working experience in show business including Creative, Administrative, Technical and Financial areas. He’s proficient in negotiating with Agents and possesses knowledge of and access to performing talent at all levels.

Technical Advisor & Post Production Supervisor - Notes From the New World

Corey Macri Great Voice Over & Sound Engineer

Corey Macri is diligent, hard working media professional that loves teamwork and the creative process. He has worked in all sectors of the entertainment industry from live performance to gaming to film. He has acted, directed, filmed and even written his own script. A true Renaissance man...