Form and style

The fascinating, behind-the-scenes struggle to create the award-winning
Notes from the New World

The style of the movie is based on carefully structured juxtapositions of documentary and additional footage (accompanied by voice-over commentary); it will largely cover the same events from different perspectives (the Rashomon effect).

Dostoyevsky Reimagined: The Making of Notes from the New World is composited utilizing the following footage:

Providing an intimate view of the production of Notes From The New World from the beginning of auditions to the end of post-production. From time to time events were captured by several cameras - up to three – allowing different angles to suggest the variations in perspective involved in a project of this magnitude. The footage also includes interviews with the key players.

Conveying an historical perspective - Dostoyevsky’s influence, his literary discoveries of the polyphonic nature of the human soul, and his prophetic vision of the writer in relation to the future of the world – predicting (in part) the major postmodern peripetias of our time.

Extracts from the movies Notes From The New World (the second chapter of writer/director Vitaly Sumin’s ambitious LA-Dostoevsky Project), Shades of Day (the first chapter), and earlier works by Vitaly Sumin.

Selected extracts from other cinematic adaptations of Dostoyevsky, pending written authorizations (several have already been obtained).

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