5 Reasons To Support Indiegogo Movies

In the past few years, crowdfunding has exploded. Thanks to the uniting power of the internet, people are able to connect with projects that appeal to them and support creative ventures. This has proven to be a huge benefit to those with an idea and inspiration, but not necessarily the capitol to back it up. As more and more independent filmmakers turn to crowdfunding in general (and Indiegogo in particular), it looks like this way of getting movies financed is here to stay. Here are a few reasons you should support Indiegogo movies — and the future of independent film.

1. It Makes You Part Of The Process

If you love movies and independent film, pledging to an interesting and exciting project allows you to be part of the process without having to turn your life upside down. When you pledge, you get updates, information, and behind-the-scenes pictures that make you feel like a cinema insider.

2. It Lets You Have A Voice

They say money talks, and that goes double for the film industry. Movie companies pay attention to ticket sales, merchandise, and what people are willing to drop cash on. So instead of reluctantly shelling out for a movie ticket of another boring sequel to a movie you didn’t even like in the first place, invest your cash in a film project you’d actually like to watch. Ten percent of the movies that ultimately appeared at the Sundance Film Festival in 2012 were funded by Kickstarter. So if you’re sick of the same old movies, this is the way to put your money where your mouth is.

3. You Get Cool Stuff

Who doesn’t love swag? And if you’re a movie fan, donating to Indiegogo is one of the best ways to get cool stuff. Almost every film promises rewards to backers (and if you pony up serious cash, you can even end up appearing at premieres and awards shows with the cast). If you’re a bit more modest in your donation you can usually get a t-shirt, poster, or early copy of the movie. And sometimes you show up in the film’s credits, which is a sincere sensation when you see it onscreen.

4. It Gives Filmmakers Creative Control

How many independent filmmakers have had to cut corners or compromise their vision just to make their project palatable to a major studio? And if your idea is particularly risky or daring, it’s going to be hard convincing companies to take a risk. That’s where crowdfunding comes in. The only people the production team has to answer to are the audience and the backers — and in this case they’re often one and the same. This allows directors, screenwriters, and actors to pursue their vision without worrying about someone else’s bottom line.

5. It’s Fun

For a nominal fee (some projects allow you to donate as little as $1), you get to be involved in an exciting and vibrant creative community. You’ll meet other people with similar interests who share your passion and learn about their ideas and upcoming projects. Who knows, maybe getting involved in the Indiegogo community will inspire you to get started on an independent film project of your own.


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Lauren Saccone

Lauren is a freelance writer, social media consultant, and paralegal. A Jill of all trades, she enjoys pop culture, film, comics, literature, archery, and copious amounts of caffeine.

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