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Miroslava Panayotova

I graduated from Plovdiv University "P. Hilendarski" - diploma in Bulgarian Philology; minor - English. For many years already I’m working as a teacher. In addition - being a freelance journalist, I’ve published a lot of interviews with the exciting personalities. I’m also a published poet: "Shades" (Нюанси), 1994, "Lord of the senses" (Бог на сетивата), 2005, "Pitcher"(Стомна), 2014. My fiction in Bulgarian, Serbo-Bulgarian and Russian-Bulgarian appears periodically in the numerous publications. I am a member of the Union of Independent Bulgarian writers. My hobby is painting

Overcome yourself-3
For me, Dostoyevsky is the ability to forgive, to accept people as they are. The clarity of the images. The clarity of the idea. The depth of the idea. The internal dynamics. Whether Dostoyevsky is suitable for a film...
People wait before the screening-Shades-St.Petersburg's Festival-6.2014---
Why are you here, in LA? “The City of Angels,” also called “The Capital of World Entertainment,” boasts a unique concentration of technical facilities (studios, labs, equipment rental houses, etc.) and an enormous pool of talent and skilled technicians...