The Missing Screenwriter: Dark Onto Light

There are more questions than answers when it comes to the mystery of the missing screenwriter, Robert Hurley’s. His disappearance has not only haunted the cast and crew of Notes from the New World but it has spawned two documentaries about the events surrounding his disappearance which literally has to be seen to be believed. The documentaries are of course The Missing Screenwriter, a compilation of 5 mini episodes of the behind-the scenes footage from Notes from the New World and the up-coming full length documentary Dostoyevsky Reimagined: The Making of Notes from the New World. It will take a full length movie to cover this incredible situation.

image003Hurley once wrote, “The circumstances of my life unveiled for me the existence of a secret society Dark Onto Light. I was exposed to some of the rituals of this cult and was flabbergasted by discovering the things I’ve never imagined could exist. So I’ve started my research which resulted in its initial stage in two screenplays: Notes from the New World and Shades of Blood. Both were my first literary works.”

Hurley was writing the shooting script for Notes from the New World when he disappeared. As part of his research for the script he hired a prostitute named Natalya. Judging from his journal entries, Hurley became infatuated with Natalya. Unfortunately she was allegedly entangled with the Russian mafia who were also part of a secret society called Dark Onto Light. According to Hurley’s journal he felt Natalya was in danger from this group.

  • Journal entry: 10 September

I’m so exhausted from my trip back from Toluca in Mexico. Natalya and I had a wonderful time, but I want to find a way to get her away from her mafia bosses. They’re all involved in some secret society which worships Satan! When she told me about it, I didn’t first believe her. Then I saw it for myself. Natalya knew about a meeting and we followed her bosses to their monthly ritual. We peered inside the window I saw the most unbelievable things. They use golden daggers and take turns slicing their arms and dripping the blood into a gold cup. Each take turns sipping from it. A woman was tied down in the center of the room with a 5-point star drawn in the center. They all gathered in a circle and chanted, then they cut into her wrists and drank her blood. I’m so afraid for Natalya.

image012Hurley’s journal included many disturbing sketches he drew of the rituals he described seeing. Men dressed in long shiny black robes with silver trim and wearing a cult symbol of a star inside a circle with an eye in the middle. Hurley created a web page about Dark Onto Light which he titled Message to the World.

On this page he detailed a long history of Dark Onto Light dating back to 1900 B.C. but he also shows a wall carving of the cult symbol he described which he dated at 2700 B.C. However, when you Google Dark Onto Light the only cult reference that comes up, that I have been able to find, is the page Hurley put online.

Are all of these images and cult references just elaborate script ideas? Did Hurley make up all of the information in his journal? If so, how do we explain his disapearance and the menacing messages found on Hurley’s voice mail. What about the other cast members who had encounters with strange men telling them to quit doing what they were doing in their search for Hurley? So many questions and so few answers.

The cast and crew still hold out hope, one day they will find out what happened to Robert Hurley and he will be found alive and well. If you have any information about the disappearance of The Missing Screenwriter, Robert Hurley, please contact VM Productions on our homepage or find us on Twitter @Dostoyevsky23 #HelpFindHurley.

More to come on the alleged cult Dark Onto Light.

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Shari Burckhardt

Born and raised in Wichita, KS, Shari went on to earn two degrees from Wichita State University. The first is in communications with an emphasis in print journalism and the second is for forensic criminology. She had just started a third degree in nutrition when she met and married her husband, Pedro. Pedro, originally from Chile, was in Wichita on a work visa. The two were married by Shari's mother at The Old Cowtown Museum in December, 2013. In 2014, the couple moved to Sonderborg, Denmark for Pedro's career. Living in Denmark and not speaking Danish forced Shari to seek employment online. She was keeping busy ghostwriting e-books when she came across the opportunity to join the visionaries at VM Productions. The couple currently live in Dusseldorf, Germany.

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  1. We hope very much that Shari’s blog will create public awareness and help us resolve the mystery of Hurley’s disappearance, especially considering that – based on his prior messages — Hurley inserted confidential info pertaining to Dark Onto Light’s activities into the first draft of Notes from the New World. We hope these guys don’t try to prevent us from distributing The Notes and the BTS.

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