A Shot from Sunset Boulevard

TRIVIA FRIDAY: 4 Riddles for Film Noir Lovers

Every good noir film gives us a riddle to be unraveled.

This could be part of the plot, like the identity of mysterious killer, or a femme fatale’s true colors, only revealed at the end. Or, like in our case, it could be something that happened behind the scenes – like a missing screenwriter. For our Friday trivia fun, we have a few questions for you.

This week we talk about a few true classics of the genre, like Billy Wilder’s seminal Sunset Boulevard (which might very well visit these domains in a future FILM NOIR OF THE WEEK installment), and Robert Aldrich’s insane, pitch-dark Kiss Me Deadly. Next week, we’ll up the ante with an all-foreign list of films noir. See you then!

Welcome to 4 Riddles for Film Noir Lovers

Kirk Douglas and Robert Mitchum

For good reason, Jacques Tourneur's Out of the Past has long been considered one of the greatest films noir of all time. It notoriously starred Robert Mitchum in the leading role, but who was one of the stars who turned down the role before he was cast?
A shot from Kiss Me Deadly

Mike Hammer and Velda had to earn survival the hard way in Robert Aldrich's classic Kiss Me Deadly, barely escaping with their lives at the end. But there was another, alternate ending that until a 1997 restoration became the film's finale. What was it about?
A Shot from Laura

What is the full name of Gene Tierney's character in Otto Preminger's Laura?
A Shot from Sunset Boulevard

What line from Billy Wilder's Sunset Boulevard is one of the most famous in all of film history?



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A Shot from DR's Borgen

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