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Hello to all you, beautiful readers and listeners! Welcome to another enthralling discussion from Dostoevsky Reimagined – Los Angeles! Once again my goal is to raise awareness of VM Productions to films, Notes from the New World,  Shades of...'
   Welcome back to the Dostoyevsky-BTS blog faithful readers and hello to all glorious newcomers! Previously I discussed Dostoyevsky’s influence on British Edwardian writers such as Woolf and Forster. Today I shall endeavor to discuss an American writer by the...'
Welcome back loyal BTS readers and newcomers! Have you ever thought about Dostoyevsky’s parents and who they were? I felt curious about this aspect of Dostoyevsky’s life and decided to investigate. What I found was interesting and definitely enriched...'
Hello again dear readers and welcome back to the Dostoyevsky-BTS website! As always I issue a sincere and warm welcome to those who visit for the first time. Previously I discussed the extraordinary impact Russian literature, and particularly Dostoyevsky...'
It’s nice to see you back here at the Dostoyevsky-BTS blog, our lovely readers! And if this is your first time visiting, welcome! As I mentioned last time we will be discussing today Dostoyevsky’s influence on some of the...'
Hello dear readers and welcome to another enthralling edition from the Dostoyevsky-BTS blog! This may come as an unpleasant shock to many of you but someone must break the news: Dostoyevsky’s novels were not always available to us in English...'
Dear Readers, This is an electrifying account of a belated literary discovery. Traditionally when I think of Dostoevsky I do not immediately think of Shakespeare. I imagine people don’t tend to associate Russian classics with 16th century British playwriting. That...