Miller's Crossing

Trivia Friday!

Behind every film noir is its crazy cast and crew (we would know)…

In this week’s trivia, we’re asking you about a few freaky facts!

In a world of trap doors and trick mirrors, it’s no wonder the genre is stuffed with interesting people and kooky dialogue.

Miller's Crossing

Welcome to your Trivia Friday!

In the Cohen Brother’s Miller’s Crossing which line is said 7 times before different characters?

a. “Play it, Sam!”

b. “Go, Jim!”

c. “Jesus, Tom”
Which famous actor used stacked heels to look taller than his female co-stars in The Big Sleep?

a. James Cagney

b. Humphrey Bogart

c. John Ridgely
While filming this movie, Jack Nicholson stalled shooting to watch basketball so often that the director smashed the gogglebox. Was the movie...

a. One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

b. The Shining

c. Chinatown
How much was Cecil B DeMille paid for his cameo in Sunset Boulevard?

a. $10, 000 and a Cadillac

b. $20,000 and a lifetime supply of Old Fitzgerald

c. $15, 000 and 2 free weeks in Nantucket
Which film is widely regarded as the first ever film noir?

a. Stranger On the Third Floor

b. Touch of Evil

c. Double Indemnity



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