The Missing Screenwriter: A Certain Code

In the second half of my meeting with the informant, it was my turn to offer help. As you know, I agreed to look into the disappearance of the man’s wife in exchange for information on Dark Onto Light. Surprisingly, he came through. For two years, he used his skills as an accountant to follow a potential money trail. This trail led him to a huge discovery. The elusive satanic cult purchases or rents their outfits (i.e. black cloaks) from a secret costume shop in West Hollywood.

Satanic cult symbol

Dark onto Light’s cult symbol

In order to figure out what happened to his wife, I had several questions that I needed to ask first. The only thing that I knew was that the wife made a deal with the Russian mob at a club in Russia. The man knew that his wife went to that club, but he wasn’t bothered by the reason why. A few days later, she was bound for America. The desperate man looked everywhere. He even went to that club and confronted the owner… “She works for us now” was the club owner’s response.

My first question: What happened between the time his wife made the deal and the time that she boarded the ship?

According to the informant, there was nothing out of the ordinary. She didn’t mention the fact that she was going to America without him. Her reasoning? Perhaps “she felt like I was disappointed because she was unable to get a green card. She didn’t want me to worry.” The informant told me that he was not an impatient man. He would have waited.

The only thing that she left behind was a note. It was a promise. She will “call me when the time is right… And when I’ll answer the phone, I would be surprised.” The informant didn’t understand the message at the time. Perhaps the original goal was to make her husband proud by finding her own way to America.

My second question: What was the name of the club? Describe the owner and employees.

The informant told me that the club’s name is “Golden Dolls”, located on Nevsky Prospect in St. Petersburg. The club owner was in his forties. Brown eyes. He was also fairly tall. He had several henchman who protected him. He seemed like a big deal.

VIP room-Golden Dolls Club- St.Petersburg, Russia where Hurley was spotted by Sumin's brother

VIP room – Golden Dolls Club – St.Petersburg, Russia where Hurley was spotted by Sumin’s brother

As soon as he mentioned “Golden Dolls”, I was instantly reminded that, at one point, Robert Hurley visited the very same club. In an email, Andrei Sumin informed his brother, Vitaly

Sumin (director/producer of Notes from the New World), that he had an interesting encounter while talking a walk–

Golden Dolls Club on Nevsky Prospect - St.Petersburg, Russia

Golden Dolls Club on Nevsky Prospect – St.Petersburg, Russia

Guess who I saw? I saw Robert as he stepped outside a limousine by the Golden Dolls club on Nevsky in the company of the strange but wealthy looking guys… I followed them into the club to say hello to Robert. When I tried to approach him, he seemed to have whispered to the guys and I was pushed away…

What’s going on? I overhead two of them talking about collecting Robert’s winnings…something about Robert owing them money.

This happened fairly close to the time before Hurley disappeared for good. So perhaps this club is the key to finding out more about the mysterious Russian organization.

St. Petersburg, Russia

St. Petersburg, Russia

In my last blog, I described how the informant had a brief moment to look for clues in the main office while the club owner stepped out to speak to one of his henchmen. So I asked if he overheard the conversation. Unfortunately, he was too focused on searching for clues in the office. He did, however, get a glimpse of the henchman who was speaking to the owner. According to the informant, “he had a scar on his face, but that is all I remember”.

As helpful as the informant was in answering my questions, I was still somewhat unclear about how to proceed based on the information he provided. I had to work with vague illustrations of people whose intentions are ultimately unknown to us. It’s understandable. The desperate man’s recount of past events is clouded by fear and a one-track mind.

I had to ask how he knew about our Hurley investigation.

He told me that he did extensive research based on the book of outfit designs that he found in the club owner’s office. The black and shinny cloaks in the drawings were very similar to the Dark Onto Light sketches from Hurley’s website. The informant figured that perhaps Hurley was in the same situation as his wife.

Cloak Sketch - Dark Onto Light

Dark Onto Light

And finally, what happens when you find your wife? What can I do that won’t get you or your wife killed?

In his response, the informant explained that he was the one who was threatened. If he came near his wife, then someone would cut her throat right in front of him. Their criminal organization is ruthless, but what they value above all else is sticking to a certain code or promise. The best way to conduct business is to do it properly, even if it’s illegal.

According to the informant, “Even though I have stayed away from my wife, I would’t be breaking the rules if I sought help from someone who wasn’t given the same ultimatum.” I asked if he was confident about that statement. I mean, how would you know you wouldn’t be breaking the rules?

He hesitated for a moment, then reassured me that my help would keep him in the shadows. “I trust that you will be discreet”, he said.

In my next blog, I will discuss my research into the “Golden Dolls” strip club that’s located in St. Petersburg.

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