Natasha Blasick

Actress Natasha Blasick & Art Department Head Brad Lublin, VMP

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Notes from Vitaly

Welcome back!

And a special welcome to our new fans! I am so pleased that you share our love of classic literature and independent filmmaking!

In this issue we are excited to share breaking news about our new film distribution deal (!!!) and upcoming US premieres of our films. We are also happy to feature a one-on-one interview with our lovely leading lady, Natasha Blasick. We invite you to read some of our featured blogs from the past few weeks, and learn more about how you can be involved in our filmmaking process.

Please enjoy this edition of VM Productions News. I am thrilled to share it with you.

Vitaly Sumin
CEO, Writer, Director and Producer
VM Productions


Breaking News

March 20th, 2016: VM Productions is happy to announce that we have just signed a non-inclusive distribution agreement with Intellect Pictures, film production, finance and distribution Corporation based in Los Angeles and Toronto. The goal of the company is to provide the feature film industry with thoughtful and unique content through narrative storytelling...

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US Premieres

Join us for the US premieres of our films! We're thrilled to announce that Shades of Day & Notes from the New World will be screened at the following theaters in Los Angeles and New York:

Los Angeles

Los Angeles

Crest Westwood Theatre

October 14th - 20th

New York

New York

AMC Empire 25

October 21st - 28th

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Featured video

Julia Emelin

Meet Julia Emelin (the interview)

Julia Emelin is an actress and a successful voice artist. Born and raised in Saint Petersburg, Russia, Julia graduated from the Saint Petersburg Theatre Academy and moved to Los Angeles over 15 years ago. Today she lives in Hollywood working as an actress and voice over performer. Her most recent credits include a part in the TV series "Marvels of SHIELD," as well as narrating the book on tape “Uprooted,” which received a starred review from Library Journal in August 2015. Additionally, she is a proud member of the Los Angeles Theatre Sports Improv Company and performs there regularly. Julia has successfully starred in numerous VMP productions including an important role of Struggling Actress in Notes from the New World.

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Natasha Blasick

Meet Natasha Blasick (the interview)

Natasha was born in the former USSR in the city of Odessa on the Black Sea. Her first language is Russian. She grew up in a Soviet style apartment that housed two families.

Upon arriving to America Natasha immediately embraced Los Angeles, modeling, and the craft of acting where she studied technique, melding the training of several coaches into her own style. Her leading roles in a plurality of the award winning films including main part in in the VM Productions’ Notes from the New World, brought her a world-wide recognition and a lot of fans.

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We recently interviewed our leading lady, Natasha Blasick, about her experience on the set. Click on the picture to see the video and learn more about this talented actress.

Featured blog posts

History Underwater: The Other Dostoyevsky Brother by Stacey Ford Osborne

Many people are familiar with Fyodor Dostoyevsky, the literary genius whose works are almost synonymous with Russia herself. Those who are fans also may be aware of his beloved older brother Mikhail Mikhailovich, a year older and close friends...

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Did Dostoyevsky Really Draw Shakespeare? by Mia Kelly

Dear Readers, This is an electrifying account of a belated literary discovery. Traditionally when I think of Dostoevsky I do not immediately think of Shakespeare. I imagine people don’t tend to associate Russian classics with 16th century British playwriting. That...

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Not Dostoyevsky! by Stacey Ford Osborne

Recently I was moderating the Dostoyevsky-BTS Pinterest account, and I came across an interesting message from a user with the Pinterest profile name HadesIsDoomed. The message said, simply, “Not Dostoyevsky!” I had to investigate. It turns out that HadesIsDoomed...

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+115 F degree - California Desert. VM Productions on location.
Pictured left to right: Line Producer Matt Leikam, Cinematographer Chia-Yu-Chen, Star Natasha Blasick, Producer/Director Vitaly Sumin, Star Nathanael Theisen.

Taking a break on set, VMP!
Pictured left to right: Marianne Parise, Make-Up and Hair Department Head, Vivian (she-dog), & stars Nathanael Theisen and Natasha Blasick.