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Notes from Vitaly

Welcome back!

We have been very busy at VM Productions, and we are excited to share our news with you!

This month we report on a busy festival season--VMP Films had a presence at five different festivals in the last six months, and we were so proud to have been a part them, and grateful to have the opportunity to meet so many talented filmmakers.

In this issue of VM Productions News we'll tell you about those festivals, and also about our new film in development, Crime and Punishment L.A., which made it to the Top Eight of the Stage 32 European Co-Production Matchmaking Program, which was featured at a panel at SXSW in Austin. We'll also give you exclusive access to an interview in progress with Casting Director Rich Crater, and invite you to catch up on our latest blog entries. We also want to commend our brave reporter, Jade Huges, who has taken on an investigation into the mysterious disappearance of Robert Hurley.

Please enjoy this edition of VM Productions News. I am thrilled to share it with you.


Vitaly Sumin
CEO, Writer, Director and Producer
VM Productions

Our movie Notes From the New World has been seen by audiences around featured at film festivals around the world, including Los Angeles, New York, Patna, India and Vancouver. The Notes is popular with film festival audiences, and the cast and crew have enjoyed meeting new fans and sharing information about VM Productions' philosophy.

The 2nd Los Angeles World International Film Festival at the Crest Westood Theatre in Los Angeles in October 18, 2016 served as the US Premiere of the film. We received the 'Best Artistic Contribution' award ( click for the video here!). Immediately after the screening in Los Angeles, the film headed across the country to New York, where it had itsEast Coast premiere at the Cinema New York City's festival on December 9, 2016 (click for the video here). Next, we were honored to be included among the excellent films screened at the Bodhisattva International Film Festival in Patna, India on February 18. And the most recent festival screening of Notes from the New World was at the Vancouver Filmdance Festival on April 22 where our film received 'Best Mystery Film'award

Notes from the New World is a contemporary retelling of Dostoyevsky's Notes from the Underground. The story unfolds in Los Angeles, where dreams and harsh realities collide, a place where almost everyone spies on everyone else, and everyone seems to be playing a dangerous game. The film was written, directed and produced by Vitaly Sumin. Notes from the New World stars Rebecca Sigl-Light, Natasha Blasick, Nathanael Theisen and many other talanted actors.

VM Productions is dedicated to the art of independent filmmaking. The company develops and produces quality films based on original stories and the masterpieces of world literature. The creative team behind VM Productions admires the great artists of all times. The richness and complexity of their existence and the discoveries they made to help humanity move forward toward a better understanding of life, death, peace and coexistence serve as the source of their inspiration.

For additional information regarding our film festival presence, our films, or information about additional US and worldwide screenings, please contact Stacey Osborne at 713-456-9429 or You can learn more about VM Productions online at
L: Holger Carlsson, Mikael Svensson, Truls Kontny, and Ingrid Rudefors at the SXSW in Austin (photo by Stacey Ford Osborne)

R: Movie poster for Crime and Punishment L.A.
This past March a new VMP film in development, Crime and Punishment L.A., made it to the Top Eight of the Stage 32 European Co-Production Matchmaking Program. The prize included being featured at a panel at SXSW in Austin, and also a one-on-one session with several European Film Commissioners to talk about our project and discuss the possibility of co-funding with European producers. Crime and Punishment L.A. is a modern-day adaptation of Dostoyevsky\92s famous novel about a man who commits a crime and eventually is condemned by his own conscience. This adaptation is set in Los Angeles during the riots of 1992.

Associate Producer and Communications Director Stacey Ford Osborne was in Austin to represent VMP Films, and enjoyed learning more about opportunities to co-produce films in Europe. The Panel Discussion on March 10 featured Ingrid Rudefors, Film Commissioner from Film Region Stockholm M\E4lardalen; Mikael Svensson, Certified Film Commissioner from the Southern Sweden Film Commission; Truls Kontny, President of the European Film Commissioner Network; and Holger Carlsson, Event Producer with Little W Productions in the United States who coordinated the event. The film commissioners gave a great presentation about co-producing films with European film makers and explained the process to the panel that included the eight winners. Ms. Osborne learned that unlike film commissioners in the United States, European film commissioners essentially serve as matchmakers between European producers and producers in other countries, and that they really want to help independent producers in the US to meet other producers in Europe who can help make their films a reality. She had the opportunity to go out afterwards with all of the panelists and get to know them a little bit better, and found them to be smart, interesting people with a true desire to help create working partnerships between the US and Europe.

On March 12 Ms. Osborne presented Crime and Punishment L.A. to the four commissioners. The presentation went very well. She brought flyers and the movie poster with her, and gave each of them a folder containing the flyer, our business cards, a copy of the treatment, and a summary of the things we would be willing to do to co-produce the film with European filmmakers. The commissioners appeared to like the script, which is a modern-day a re-envisioning of Dostoyevsky's classic novel . They think it is an intriguing film and that it will do well in the theaters and definitely is worthy of production. They said that they will try to help us find some co-producers who might be willing to work with us. As of this writing, the exciting process continues. Crime & Punishment, LA is in active development! Stay tuned for more news!

We recently interviewed our awesome Casting Director, Rich Crater , about the intense work that goes into casting a film properly and into particularly into a casting of VM Productions' movies. The interview is skillfully edited by our great veteran editor Bruce Novotny who is also a published novelist! To watch the video - click on the screen above & Enjoy!

Robert Hurley\92s disappearance is such an unusual story it immediately gained my attention.The diaries and online information Hurley left on the cult \91 Dark Onto Light\92 were bizarre and although Hurley had left us enough information to get an overview of this secret society I feel like there is so much about to this cult Hurley had not yet discovered or was unable to disclose to the world. From what information we do have I\92m sure that \91 Dark onto Light\92 is responsible for Hurley\92s disappearance, we already know the cult engage in disturbing acts and I think that\92s just the tip of the iceberg as to what they are capable of.

I plan to carry this investigation where Hurley left off and blog any information I discover.I\92m going to find out as much as I can about Dark onto Light, try to debunk their symbols and identify their beliefs and motives, with this I hope to be able to shed more light onto the mysterious cult and ultimately uncover what happened to Hurley.

VMP's Jade Huges - is a British freelance writer and self confessed film addict, history lover and horror fanatic. (Click here for Jade's blogs!)
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Most people familiar with Dostoyevsky are likely to think of psychological darkness. Or perhaps his remarkable characters, from Roddy Raskolnikov to the Karamazov brothers. They may also be familiar with the numerous film adaptations, from Richard Brooks and Akira Kurosawa to Vitaly Sumin\92s recent adaptations of White Nights (Shades of Day) and Notes From the Underground (Notes from the New World).


Interview with Vitaly Sumin - April, 2017
Written by Miroslava Panayotova

Q. Why are you here, in LA?

A. \93The City of Angels,\94 also called \93The Capital of World Entertainment,\94 boasts a unique concentration of technical facilities (studios, labs, equipment rental houses, etc.) and an enormous pool of talent and skilled technicians who have come here from every corner of the world.


Indie film favourites
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An indie film can often be overlooked due to its small budget, lack of big name actors and quite often a limitation when it comes to special effects but most film fans know that\92s no reason why indie films should go unnoticed. Watching a great indie film feels like being part of a secret club, the viewer is able to find a deeper connection with the storyline and enjoy watching the creative freedom that straight from Hollywood films can\92t always provide.


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Vitaly with Dastan, filmmaker from Kirghisia - Bodhisattwa International Film Festival, India
The stars fight for the prize for Notes from the New World, held by Natasha (see above) - US Premiere - 2nd World International Film Festival, Los Angeles.
The East Coast Premiere of Notes from the New World - New York
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