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Welcome to all our new subscribers. This has been an exciting month at VM Productions. We have been hard at work on the post-production of Dostoyevsky reimagined: the making of "Notes from the new world".

We are pleased to announce that our film Shades of Day - New Director's Cut has been officially selected as part of the Blow-Up Film Fest: Chicago International Arthouse Film Festival.

Read the latest news from Lauren behind the Robert Hurley mystery or watch Christophe Parker's take on our missing screenwriter. Great article by Christopher on Mafia Films and a collaborative interview with myself about our film Crime and Punishment, LA and Australian Director, Andrew O'Keefe, on his film Crime and Punishment.

As part of our goal to connect with supporters of our films, we now have a new Film and Book Club, include book and film reviews by Ava. Join in the discussion in our forum or on any of the social media platforms below.

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us here at VM Productions!

Vitaly Sumin
CEO, Writer, Director and Producer
at VM Productions

Book of the Month

The Magus
by John Fowles
Review by Ava Lanto

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Film of the Month

by Michelangelo Antonioni
Review by Ava Lanto

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Mafia Films

by Christopher Lee

From the dawn of film to the present day, there is very little that has not been written about. Stories about cowboys, stories about aliens... Hell, stories about cowboys AND aliens; and, love it or leave it, there is one genre of films that has always been adored by aficionados and so- so movie fans alike: mafia films.

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We have reached 5000! posts on Tumblr. We would like to thank Lauren Saccone for all her hard work!

Production Notes: Disappearances, Dark Tidings & Sinister Situations

by Lauren Saccone

It looks like I spoke too soon. My earlier optimism about the Robert Hurley investigation appears to have been sorely misplaced (or at least somewhat overstated). Just when I think we’ve found our footing, strange events once again rear their ugly heads — and some simply defy any reasonable explanation.

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Shades Of Day – Director’s Cut is an Official Selection at BlowUp Fest 2015

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Double Dostoyevsky: Reimagining Crime and Punishment into film with directors Vitaly Sumin and Andrew O'Keefe

by Arlene Selman

Two men; one from Melbourne, Australia and one originally from St. Petersburg, Russia. Melbourne and St. Petersburg have been "sister" cities since 1989. And the two men may be considered "brothers" in their individual re-imagining of Fyodor Dostoyevsky's Crime and Punishment into a film.

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Our Screenwriter is Missing! Christophe Parker investigates - Vlog#1

Here the latest from VM Production's Christophe Parker about the mystery of our missing screenwriter Robert Hurley.

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