The Missing Screenwriter: Silence Speaks Volumes

Multitasking has become a way of life since I took up the search for Robert Hurley. In between promoting Dostoyevsky Reimagined: The Making Of Notes From The New World, I’ve been hard at work trying to uncover anything about a missing person’s report that has too many loose ends and chance coincidences. Sometimes it’s hard to tell where reality ends and fiction begins.

NOTES Robert Hurley Missing Poster

NOTES Robert Hurley Missing Poster

Facts are always useful in these circumstances, so here’s what I have: Robert Hurley, screenwriter for Notes From The New World, disappeared shortly before production of the film began. Before he vanished he filed multiple reports of harassment, including his home being broken into and a copy of the script for the film being stolen.

The strangeness didn’t end with his disappearance; if anything, it only compounded it. Rumors of cults, the Russian mob, and Hurley’s own disturbing notes on his mindset at the time of his disappearance aren’t exactly comforting. I’ve reviewed them and will continue to piece together his state of mind at the time he vanished. The problem is, it seems like Hurley wasn’t entirely sure about what was his script, and what was his real life.



It would be so much easier if anyone involved would talk to me. I’ve reached out to private investigators, neighbors, and even friends. While they’ll all speak warmly about Hurley’s work and his friendly nature, when I get to the matter of his disappearance it’s like a door has been slammed in my face. Private investigators flatly reply, ‘the trail went cold’ before making excuses and hanging up. Friends begin to stammer, stutter, and refer to Hurley in the past tense. Needless to say, none of this has been particularly comforting.

Robert Hurley

Robert Hurley

Despite it all, I believe a few things at this point in my research:

  • that Robert Hurley stumbled onto something (most likely unwittingly) that had dark and menacing implications.
  • that some force or forces wanted Hurley to doubt his own sanity.
  • that whatever Hurley stumbled upon made its way, in some form, into the movie Notes From The New World and that these forces wanted to stop it at any cost.
  • that Robert Hurley is still alive.

I know that last one may seem like a long shot, but something in my gut tells me it’s true. Whatever has happened to him, by his own actions or forces beyond his control, I believe Robert Hurley is still alive, and still out there. And hopefully my further investigations will bring about an answer to this mystery.



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