Production Notes: Incentives, Sign-Ups, And More Mysteries

Where are we? What’s going on? How far have we come, and how much further do we have to go? Sometimes I’m unsure if I’m talking about working on Dostoyevsky Reimagined: The Making Of Notes From The Real World, the movie itself, or the endless rabbit hole that is my research on the disappearance of Robert Hurley. Things become murky the longer they go on; what was once fact ends up as fiction, and myths and legends are revealed to be concrete truths. Confused? Join the club.

BurningThe Evidence

That being said, I do have a few things to discuss before I dive into my frustrated efforts to find any clues behind Hurley’s disappearance. Followers of this blog (and fans of VM Productions) are well aware of how the talented and troubled screenwriter disappeared without a trace.

Yes, without a trace — a feat which seems impossible in this technological day and age. You’d think there would be footage or pictures or credit card histories… something. But as far as I can tell (and believe me, I’ve gone over the evidence until it runs together and stops making sense), Hurley vanished. All he left behind was the contents of his apartment, his disjointed notes, and a mass of confusion and half-truths.

And so much for holding off on discussing Hurley. His presence is so palpable in every image and frame of Dostoyevsky Reimagined that it’s hard to put aside the mystery that surrounds him. Sometimes I feel like he’s trying to tell me something in the space between the lines and words, passing along a message of what really happened. Other times I wonder if this is how he sounded before he started babbling about cults.



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NOTES Robert Hurley's Diary

NOTES Robert Hurley’s Diary

Fiction and reality are two entirely different things, and it’s dangerous to confuse them. Just look at what happened to Hurley. It’s important to keep your feet firmly planted on the ground.

At least that’s what I keep telling myself.

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