Production Notes: Disappearances, Dark Tidings, & Sinister Situations

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It looks like I spoke too soon. My earlier optimism about the Robert Hurley investigation appears to have been sorely misplaced (or at least somewhat overstated). Just when I think we’ve found our footing, strange events once again rear their ugly heads — and some simply defy any reasonable explanation.

Maybe it’s the colder weather, or the fact that Halloween is drawing closer every day. Those spooky and creepy influences can leave even the most rational minds feeling somewhat unsettled, right? But the fact remains that there have been some seriously strange events in recent weeks, and nobody has been able to offer any sort of explanation.

Originally, I wanted this blog post to focus on the texts of the emails I’ve been receiving; excerpts from people who claim to know what happened to our missing screenwriter Robert Hurley (and a few that have claimed to be …Hurley himself!..). I was hoping that by releasing portions of these emails, readers could offer some opinions and insights into whether they’re real or just another hoax.

But that idea has vanished — somewhat literally, I might add. My files and notes on the emails have disappeared. I have no record of them. It’s almost like they never existed. As if that wasn’t alarming enough, I’m not the only member of the team suffering from this bizarre experience. Blog posts have blinked out of existence, research has totally disappeared, and we’ve had more than a few attempts to hack into our servers. The really unsettling part is that these hackers (whoever they may be) don’t seem interested in gathering information, but destroying it.

I can’t even work out what bits of information made this person (or persons) so nervous; they did their job well. All the emails are gone, even those that completely contradicted each other. Not only did I lose all my research and theories, I can’t even go back and study the original source material. I guess this is why they always tell you to back up your material.

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That doesn’t even take into account the people that have left our team after I published this blog on August the 3rd; it seems like the further we get, the more obstacles cross our paths — and the harder it becomes to stay on track, focused on the goals at hand. Our numbers once again diminished, it’s time to regroup and rethink our strategy.

Don’t see this as a cry of failure; it’s more of a coming to terms with reality. The situation is not so rosy as I once wanted to believe, and there are still people out there that would rather the mystery of Robert Hurley remain unsolved. I know that now. It was foolish to think otherwise.

The team at VM Productions is working together as a united unit on two fronts: first, we’re committed to continuing to promote the film Dostoyevsky Reimagined: The Making Of ‘Notes From The New World (you can find out more about this project on our website). It’s an exciting, original look behind the scenes at independent film production.

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The second — and far less straightforward task — is finding out what happened to our missing screenwriter, Robert Hurley. To do that, we’ll have to find some way to reconstruct the lost emails, blog entries, notes, and other research we’ve put together. That will take time, but everyone involved is determined to see this through.

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So rest assured; the search for Robert Hurley (and what really happened to him) is by no means over. In fact, you could say it’s just beginning.

And again —  You’ll have to stay tuned for the proof, though; or better yet, sign up for our free newsletter. Not only will you get exclusive content regarding our film, you’ll get a firsthand look at my ongoing investigation into Robert Hurley. And as always, if you know anything about his disappearance, please get in touch.

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