My research into Dark onto Light

As soon as I began working with VM Productions I was instantly captivated by the story behind Hurley’s disappearance. With many varying theories on what happened to the screenwriter (many of which are featured on this blog) I decided to look into the background story myself and see what conclusion I would come to.

After much research I strongly believe that Hurley’s disappearance is connected to the cult Dark onto Light.


I’ve always been interested in the occult, ancient history and mythology and have spent many hours leisurely reading through translations of ancient texts and stories of revengeful Gods and Goddesses but beginning my research on Dark onto Light was difficult. This cult have done a fantastic job at remaining anonymous, a shared talent among many secret societies.Due to the lack of information we have on Dark onto Light and the absence of historical records available to the public I quickly realized I had to dig a little deeper if I wanted to shed any new light on them.

After weeks of in depth research I realized I was bringing up a lot of information especially in regards to the cult’s secret symbolism and beliefs. Using Hurley’s diaries, my current occult knowledge and information available online I decided to create a website recording all of my research- as a public blog and also to reach out to anybody who could provide more information on the subjects I was discussing.

The purpose of my research ?I truly believe if we can learn enough about Dark onto Light we will get a better insight into Hurley’s fate and may succeed in solving this mystery once and for all.

Here  you will find all the information I have so far on Dark onto Light which I will be continuously updating as I further uncover the truth


Be sure to visit Jade’s website and learn more about Robert Hurley and the film that was made about his experience at Dostoyevsky Reimagined: The Making of Notes from the New World.

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