Exposing Hurley’s ‘ imaginary friends’ Part 2

Our missing screenwriter Robert Hurley left a message saying he had ‘imaginary friends’ that were connected to the ancient cult Dark onto Light.

Here are the next 7 of of the 14 figures that Hurley classes as his ‘imaginary friends’ and their connections to the occult or Devil worship :

Ingmar Bergman


Ingmar Bergman a Swedish director often covered occult themes in his writings. Although we don’t know much about his personal beliefs we can only assume they are reflected in his filmography.
The Magician for instance covered supernatural disturbances, The Devil’s Eye is about the devil suffering a stye in his eye caused by the purity of a vicar’s daughter leading to Him trying to rob her virginity and her belief in love.

Through a Glass Darkly, interestingly tells the story of a schizophrenic who suffers delusions and shares the same themes as the theory of Hurley having schizophrenia.

Arthur Miller


Arthur Miller was a playwright famously known for marrying Marilyn Monroe ( conspiracists believe Marilyn was connected with the founder of the Church of Satan Anton Levay)
One of Arthur’s most famous works ‘ The Crucible’ was based around the Salem Witch Trials of 1692. This film went on to inspire other occult based films such as the 2015 film ‘ The Witch’.


Sergei Eisenstein


Sergei Eisenstein was an acclaimed Russian director and an innovator of montage techniques. Eisenstein was very interested in the occult and is often connected with soviet occultism.
This only heightens the theory of Russia having some connection to the ancient cult Dark onto Light.


François Truffaut


Film director and critic Francois Truffaut is the only person on this list for whom I can’t form any solid connection to the occult. This is quite strange considering the other 13 members on this list all have some sort of occult connection. Perhaps Truffaut kept his private life and beliefs well hidden? Did Hurley know more than I can find online? Was this name just added to the list to throw us off? If this is the case is there a symbolic meaning to the number 13? If anybody can identify a connection to Truffaut and the occult please let us know.

Fyodor Dostoyevsky


Dostoyevsky is certainly a character we at VM Productions are familiar with. Dostoyevsky often included occult subjects in his writings such as devil possession in The Landlady and the power of Satan in Nezvanova.
Dostoyevsky was also very curious about psychic phenomena in his personal life which is present in The Brothers Karamazov; ‘The Devil: Ivan’s Nightmare’ references his spiritual beliefs with the scene taking place in candlelight with a demon dressed as a medium.


Luigi Pirandello


Pirandello was an Italian playwright and often focused on themes such as madness, illusion and isolation.
Pirandello was always interested in legends and magic inspired by the stories his elderly servant used to tell him.
Pirandello was also a self-confessed fascist. The fascist movement was responsible for discovering symbols within the occult lexicon such as the all-seeing sun, the serpent, and the skull.


Mana (Malice Mizer)


He is perhaps one of the lesser known people on this list, but Mana is a member of the Malice Mizer, a Japanese visual kei rock band. Malice Mizer songs include obscure titles such as Beast or Blood and Baptism of Blood.
Mana is a peculiar character famous for his silence and refusing to talk directly in interviews believing people who have different opinions cannot talk to each other.
Mana has often been quoted saying strange things such as ‘ I want to become a human soon’ and claiming he was born 400 years ago in Europe.

It’s also worth noting the name Mana also means ‘spiritual force’.


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